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In­vi­tation to online con­fe­rence „50 Years World He­ritage Con­vention”
on 21 and 22 June 2021

The In­stitute He­ritage Studies in­vites he­ritage ex­perts and the in­te­rested public to the online con­fe­rence “50 Years World He­ritage Con­vention” with more than 60 ex­perts from all con­ti­nents on 21 and 22 June. Please re­gister here: http://​www​.50ye​ars​world​he​ritage​.online​-live​-event​.de/

The con­fe­rence takes place in context of the project “50 Years World He­ritage Con­vention: Shared Re­spon­si­bility: Con­flict & Re­con­ci­liation”. It follows on from the series of think tanks or­ga­nized from the 4th to the 11th of March, in which the dis­cussion fo­cused on the iden­ti­fi­cation of con­flicts threa­tening World He­ritage. The con­fe­rence will take this dis­cussion further by con­ti­nuing to re­flect on con­flict avoiding and con­flict solving stra­tegies and to ela­borate them in the context of the Agenda 2030, based on the ca­te­gories of re­spon­si­bility, re­con­ci­liation and sus­taina­bility. The con­fe­rence will fur­thermore re­flect on the past and the future of the World He­ritage Con­vention, by ana­lyzing its failures and re­co­gnizing its achie­ve­ments, and it will engage the broader public into the discussion.

For more in­for­mation on the con­fe­rence, the agenda and the project please check our website: https://​50ye​ars​world​he​ri​ta​ge​con​vention​.wor​d​press​.com/

Par­ti­ci­pation at the con­fe­rence re­quires re­gis­tration. To re­gister, please follow this link: http://​www​.50ye​ars​world​he​ritage​.online​-live​-event​.de/


Aus­schreibung der Fach­stelle Kin­der­welten: Referent*in für Wis­sens­ma­nagement mit den Schwer­punkten Di­gi­ta­li­sierung und Di­ver­si­fi­zierung im Kom­pe­tenz­netzwerk „De­mo­kra­tie­bildung im Kin­des­alter“ ge­sucht 1.8.2021 (25h/​Woche)

Wer wir sind: Die Fach­stelle KIN­DER­WELTEN ist ein Ar­beits­be­reich des In­stituts für den Si­tua­ti­ons­ansatz (ISTA). Sie un­ter­stützt in­klusive Qua­li­täts­ent­wicklung in Kitas und Schulen